Review for Family Ties

Family Ties

(#) sirrah-chan 2008-06-27

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From the third chapter I had an ugly feeling that I knew where this was going on. Unfortunatly I was right. In a show like Numb3rs, where the main characteristic and theme is the family, you cant go and mess with that.

The plot idea was stupid. There is no chance Alan would have done something like that. He didn't have a reason. I couldn't even finish the last chapter, it was so absurd. A slight OOCness is understandable, since we all see the characters differently but this...

It doesn't make you a good mystery writer if you make a person do something he would never do. Of course no one suspects him to be the one, since we all know he could not do something like that. So please, warn people ahead. I understand if you've had this idea "what if Alan is actually biter for the brothers for stealing his wife from him" but please, state so in the begginning and do not try to write all mysterious... cause if you do, the fic just end up bad.