Review for The Dad I Never Knew ('till now)

The Dad I Never Knew ('till now)

(#) no_room_in_zis_hell 2008-06-28

coooool hurry up and updatee.

Author's response

Thanks for the review!
Personally I think it sucks! But i can't criticize my own work. Ihave 12 chapters written write now and I have a new that will be posted soon enough. It has 5 1/2 chapters so far. SNEEK PEEK:

My Foster Romance:

Isabella Marie Bucci is a so called 'freak'. She moves from foster home to foster home & ends up with her 13th one. Will this be her permanent one? or will she end up like the others? abused, alone, and back at the foster home...

well thanks for the review! and I will update from a day to day bases! especially cause I'm sick and I get to be on the computer all day long! lol.