Review for The Trial

The Trial

(#) slashslut 2008-06-30

oh i do love a snarky!harry fic:) this one is shaping up quite nicely so far and I'm eager to see how he confounds everyone this time!

Author's response

I'm sorrym the author review replies system here on FicWad fails to note anywhere which story you are reviewing. All ths stories I posted here on FicWad, save "His Equal" which seems to have mysteriously disappeared no sooner than I uploaded it, feature a snarky! Harry, and nearly all the other HP stories I ever wrote are the same, so I don't know to which story you are reffering. Nevertheless, I appreaciate your comments, and if you are reffering to "The Trial", then please let me appologise for the delay, my Beta went on an extended 4th of July vacation, and when she returned, her computer OS suffered a major breakdown, she's running Winmdows on a mac and so she can't even get supprt for it, and to top it all, she got a malevolent, viceous virus, and still ahsn't been able to do anything about it.

So it might take a time yet for the rest of the story to get out.

My apologies again.