Review for Back to the old Ways

Back to the old Ways

(#) Faeore 2008-07-08

inoocent until proven guilty! not the other way aound!
im so happy about this story...i wasreally confused in the last one....updates?

Author's response

Innocent till proven guilty - definitely! But the weight of evidence is not in his favour. It doesn't look good for poor Mikey! Especially now the diary is lost.

PotW - Yes, I must admit, writing a story from the point of view of a character who, in the story, is very confused and 'apparently' crazy is practically impossible without also running the risk of thoroughly confusing the reader! That's one of the reasons I cut out one of the chapters - it was going to be similar in nature to the previous chapter and therefore unnecessary and potentially boring.

This one, a little easier. Gee, not so crazy! ;) That said, writing in the first person is quite restrictive - eg, I can't say what's going on somewhere else while he's unconscious - after all, how would he know? It's a tricky one! :D

Will try to update tonight, but if not, definitely tomorrow.