Review for You Don't Know A Thing About My Sins

You Don't Know A Thing About My Sins

(#) kitkatpwl 2008-07-10

ugh Mikey!!! You were sooo close!!
He is from Jersey!! It's FRANK!!!!!

Honestly, I don't know how much of this I'm going to be able to take! It's all too heart wrenching and dramatic and sad for me. I want to cry for Frankie. seriously.

Ok, so Mikey is clearly going to be the one to figure it out - that much I am still convinced about.
Everything he said in this chapter, it killed me. The bit about Frank not being able to trust the guys - well, it's kind of true right? It's what I said in the very first chapter, and even if his original intent was to protect them, he really went about it in completely the wrong way. Hello, POLICE!
But still, my heart goes out to Frankie. He clearly feels devastated at this point and it's all Jess' fault.

I want to like, throw Jess off a really tall cliff. I'm not a violent person, but wow, does she instigate those types of feelings! She's just so...mean! How could you possibly do that to Frank?! TO FRANK?!!? Gerard, maybe...Bob, maybe. Frank? NEVER! Not Mikey either. They're just too innocent and adorable!! I dunno about Ray. The fro makes him cute.

You've got to update soon. I can't stand not knowing and poor Frank having to live through this torturous drama! It's not fair I say!! UPDATE!