Review for The Accidental Harem

The Accidental Harem

(#) BJH 2008-07-12

Just read this story to date and I am finding it VERY enjoyable.

But I do have to say that you missed a major opportunity when all the girls got their "monthlies" at the same time. You could have had Harry run ragged all weekend getting them hot water bottles, comfort food (read chocolate ice cream) and all in all trying his best to take care of them when they weren't feeling well. Finally Monday morning they tell him to go to class and that they will be fine by themselves. Well, Draco sees that Harry is all alone and takes the opportunity to harrass him. Harry draws his wand only to see that he is surrounded by the whole Slytherin Quidditch team. He holds his own for awhile but they eventually overpower him and begin to pummel him. Snape is hiding in an alcove enjoying the spectacle until McGonagall shows up then he steps out and docks Harem House 100 points for starting a fight. Harry can't object when Snape explains to a sputtering McG that Harry started the whole thing with Draco and the Slytherins only came to Draco's defense. They all stand behind the lie and McG has to buy it.

Harry is taken to the hospital wing while Ginny runs to the Harem Common Room and tells the girls what happened. Well, the whole Slytherin Quidditch team is crowded into the Infirmary "supporting" Draco (read sniggering at Harry as Poppy tries to heal his bruises) when all 13 girls barge in and start hexing them. Snape is about to come to their rescue again when Trelawney and Vector come on the scene as well, breathing fire. Well, Snape figures, just before he draws his wand, that if all 13 girls' cycles have synced up then likely the two Professors have as well and decides that discresion is the better form of valor and flees leaving the Snakes to be hexed into goo by an irate and menstrual Harem.

That could have been hilarious.


Author's response

Thank for the suggestion, but I already have more in mind for what to do with the monthlies. I can tell you that they'll be a plot point starting very soon.