Review for effingereimagus


(#) morriganscrow 2008-07-12

This is a cute, bouncy and entertaining read. I have added it to my alert list, and once your hiatus is over, I look forward to reading more.
The only thing I have a tiny issue with is the lack of Draco Malfoy. Harry needs a student nemesis, and the link Draco provides to his father. Your Snape is wonderfully prick-ish, but the ferret and his goons need to be replaced with /something/.
Also, as Harry knew McGonnigal wasn't a real cat, he should also know Scabbers isn't a real rat. How are you planning to handle this?
My last point is that Harry should be incredibly curious about his own story, his history, as that would be in character for the type of person you're writing him as. Also, Hagrid would have told him some, as per the book, so are you considering having Harry research himself, find out about Sirius, peter, the betrayal etc, now or later?
Keep up the great job.