Review for Elementary Calculations

Elementary Calculations

(#) animemonster 2008-07-13

Well, I was originally looking for a crossover to read when I stumbled on this story. Because I like Non-Gryffindor!Harry I gave some serious thought to reading this. After much thought I decided to give at least the first chapter a try.

I'm glad I did. The characterization is great, and the fact that no one seems to have "god knowledge" like other stories tend to use as deux ex machina to get the characters to have ideas. I like that it takes time for him to learn things and he has to take the time to find someone to get information from.

This is truly one of the best stories I've read in which Harry is not the Golden-Gryffindor. I honestly can say, while I can do the math, the chapter titles confuse me in their meaning. Even the HCl + H2O one, and I'm a chemistry major.

Anyways, keep up the good work, I eagerly await the next chapter in this. You know...I think I broke my review length record...