Review for Searching for Disaster

Searching for Disaster

(#) lqader4529 2008-07-17

In all honesty JKR is a fucking moron and the fact that she is a millionaire/billionaire just shows that some people are just lucky(JKR)/stupid (the public) beyond all reasonable thought.

Seriously, I think that Dumbledore knew all about the troll where it was and where it was going. He told them all to go back to the dormitories so Harry could have a chance to befriend an incredibly intelligent girl who would help overcome his some of his deficiencies. Which is part of why Ron and his family were introduced to Harry to help overcome his ignorance of the Wizarding World; though only when absolutely necessary. Seriously, I think that Dumbledore was expecting Harry to die in the confrontation with Voldemort. Also, Snape should have been fired for his treatment of not only a child but a celebrity.

Harry Potter was basically a woman in a mans body. JKR made him incredibly forgiving which is generally a female archetype. Men are usually seen as the vengeful of those who have wronged them. Another thing which I found disgusting was his view on Snape after his death and Dumbledores view on him they were basically acting like an abused woman is with her abusive lover making up excuses for him and believing he'll change. Snape set out to get Harry and Japes Potter killed and Lily set up as his wife/slave/whore who knows. Damn, sorry for the rant. It felt good to let that out though. Oh and good fic so far.