Review for Gerard Way's Diary

Gerard Way's Diary

(#) ThreeCheersForMCR_x 2008-07-18

Ahhhh, i'm so happy you updated this! :)

Seriously, it was even better than the last chapter..if that's even possible.

So imagine I copied and pasted my last review and this next bit is just the extra praising.

I love the long-ness of your chapters for one. It makes it more interesting and wholesome...if that's the right word? ha. Annnnnd, i love Bert and Quinn in this story! They make me laugh.

To the Ferard question, yeah it would be nice to see more of it. I mean, c'mon, it's Gerard and Frank! But i kinda like the 'Berard' pairing...and the Querard....and Quert...

Okay, i'm just getting carried away now. Just do what you wanna do and keep writing. 'Cause It's freakin' awesome!

-Emily xox.

Author's response

Your energy astounds me.

But seriously, it like leaps out of your review, lol.

So many ships, so little time. And sometimes it's good to be carried away ... wait? Where was I?

I thought I'd make erm - Quert as you put it - the clowns in this story, rather then the typical villians.

Glad your still reading. I'm honoured.