Review for Thoughts of Pudding

Thoughts of Pudding

(#) slashslut 2008-07-18

i love this story so far and yea that luna is a main character! glad minerva finally got her head out of her ass; what until dumbles finds out that his plans have been foiled evil smirk and nice change of pace to give moody a sense of humor. i found him to be very likable this time around.

Author's response

I like Luna. I always got a little twinge when I read her in JKR's canon, especally a couple of scenes in DH.

I like Minerva a lot, and in fics she's usually portrayed very kindly. Yet in canon, she dropped the ball a few times - not necessarily badly or intentionally, but I think enough that a hurting, grieving teenage Harry would lash out.

As for Dumbles.. let's just wait and see. I'm sure he must be getting a little frantic at not hearing back from his order members for so long...

I think Moody tends to come across a little one sided in fanfics, as though having him yell CONSTANT VIGILENCE and drink from a hip flask is his only part to play. Well, I'm going to try to add a little more to his (and other's) characters if I can - hopefuly without making them seem too OOC. I reckon Moody would get a kick out of people practicing is catchphrase, so that wsn't too hard to add.