Review for Thoughts of Pudding

Thoughts of Pudding

(#) nyef 2008-07-18

After reading seven chapters, it looks like an interesting story so far. Good mix of some usual cliches with an interesting premise. I'm looking forward to reading what happens.

On a technical note, you'll find that the overall rating for a story tends not to move after the second chapter is posted, due to there not normally being an actual link available to rate the overall story (don't know why, either). This is why you see so many stories with an overall score of 0 and every single chapter with a score of 5.

For those interested, the rating link for this story is

Author's response

I really appreciated the info on the story rating, as that was puzzling the heck out of me.

Thanks for posting the info on how to move the overall story.

I hope I can keep everyone's interest as the chapters roll out.