Review for AUDITIONS!!


(#) alice93 2008-07-18

Okay well I'm gonna make this character up:
Her name is Brody and she has layered brunnette hair with black streaks in and bangs. She usually wears a lot of make-up, black eyeliner, foundation that makes he look pale and clear lip-gloss. She's about 5"7, thin and she has snakebites (two piercings on either side of the lips), a belly-button piercing and three piercings on each ear and on one ear her cartilage pierced. She has a tattoo of a mermaid on her left arm above the elbow and a tattoo of a spider on her lower back. She tends to wear quite reviealing clothes that show off her great figure and she's quite pale, but not wierdly pale.

She's into every type of music but mostly Metal. Her favourite band is "Iron Maiden."
She's kind of a wild-child, a bit wierd and un-predictable. She doesn't find it easy letting people in but once she does, she rely's on them a lot.
She's really smart and is/was a straight A student, despite hardly ever going to school. She's great at art and can sing and play the guitar really well.
She's a little bit slutty, but she has a big heart. She's definately not someone you'd want to mess with.

I really hope that you choose my character, I'm willing for you to do whatever you want with her-I don't mind. I can't wait to see if you pick her. I really hope you do.


Author's response

Hmm....interesting..she seems like a very good person with some connection to Frank or possibly Bob..

Haha we'll see though.. XD

Thanks for entering! xxx