Review for Thoughts of Pudding

Thoughts of Pudding

(#) brujah_childe 2008-07-18

Ok, this was cool. Harry/Luna is always fun when it's done well, and this was.

Author's response

Thanks, I hope I have managed to capture Luna's personality in a positive way. Whether it's the same way that JKR saw her, I don't know. I'm going mostly from the books, and partly from Evanna's portrayal in OoTP.

I fully expect I'm also borrowing from what I've liked about her characterisations in other fanfics as well.

In any case I think she's fun to write, and just full of contradictions. She's a Ravenclaw, so whatever else, that demonstrates that her wits clearly aren't all off with the fairies (or Nargles).

I think she has also been starving for friendship and affection, in some ways even more so than Harry. (After all, Harry didn't spend time painting his bedroom ceiling with pictures of his friends.)