Review for AUDITIONS!!


(#) xXBXx 2008-07-18

Name: Piper Or Willow Or Something Unusual...Maybe Pheonix Lol

Age: Whatever Age Suits Your Story

Height: 5'11...Really Nice Long Legs Lol

Weight: Slim but really big boobs

Looks: Long Peroxide Hair, She Likes To Add Random Colours Into It For A Change Everynow And Then. Has An Obsession With Heels And Likes To Wear Band Shirts (Motley Crue Are Her Fave Band). Loves To Wear Thick Black Eyeliner. Has SnakeBites And Loves Tattoos. On Her Lower Back She Has A Pin Up On A Moter Bike With Sex, Drugs And Rock And Roll Underneath. Tattoo On Her Shoulder Blades Of Two Eyes With 'Eyes Set To Kill' Written In Between. Has A Black Rose On Her Wrist For Someone Who Died (If You Use Her You Can Decide That).

Personality: Really Tough And Can Fight Properly. Likes To Party. Guess You Can Say People Usually Judge Her So Don't Get To Know The Real Her. She Can Be Really Emotional But Cares A Lot For Her Friends And Family.

Okay Thats A Lot Sorry Lol...I Really Don't Mind What You Do With Her If You Use Her :)

Author's response

Yeah lol shes sounds different lol. She again seems like a good person with a connection to Frank or Mikey.
Thanks a lot. I'll let you know if you're chosen!!

(And hey i dont mind if its a lot!! The more people write the better chance they'll get of being picked!!)