Review for You Remind Me Of A Former Love.

You Remind Me Of A Former Love.

(#) webba141 2008-07-19

omg!! what a rollarcoaster. you sure know how to maniupulate emotions. i mean, i first felt bad for ryan and what he is going through, then happy because the awesome (really awesome) pete wentz came in, then dejected for him (stupid elle, i'll take him! hehe =]) THEN surprise brendon walks in and then i feel bad for helen!! wow, she came out of her shell running... wow, im tired. i'm not good at this, but i really liked the first section with ryans self pity, i felt really into it =) im loving this story, good work.please update soon. =]

Author's response

Ah, yes. It is quite a rollar coaster, isn't it? :]

I'm surely glad to hear that you think I can write emotions well. I'm usually terrified I sound like an idiot and that nobody will even remotely have a good feel for what kind of emotions I'm trying to portray. BUT, I'm happy to hear that you think I can. :]

Ah, yes, I do feel bad for Pete, since he was rejected by Elle. But, I'm glad someone felt surprised that Brendon walked in, causing Ryan to be like, "OMG?! WHAT IS THIS?"

And then the sympahty for Helen comes in to play, since Ryan confessed to her and now things are OFFICALLY screwed for the poor kid. And even more so for Helen. -tear-

I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed the first section because that was my favorite part as well. The introductions usually are, though. It's where I can use descriptions and metaphors the most, in which I LOVE doing. I'm not one for much dialogue, though. =/

Nonetheless, thank you for the amazing review!