Review for Was It a Dream?

Was It a Dream?

(#) Blue-four-Red 2008-07-21


if you dont keep writing it then i shall have to find you and capture you until you agree to keep writing it or i will force you to write it, using some form of leaveage that i will find at a later date (this does not mean in any way, shape or form that i have nothing to bribe you with) when i started reading the first chapter i was "nice different, a story about what his life was like when he was suicidal" BUT THEN the twist at the end, I WAS ON MY SEAT reading that. i thought it was amazing, and if you had planned on it being unpreidictable then you SUCCEDED!

what I'm trying to say is I LOVE IT!

sorry for not replying to the other chapter, i kinda get involved and have to read everything there is before rating and ect.

keep writing, or as i've said before i will... i'll..ahh...make? you!



Author's response


After seeing this review, I said to myself "Ooo, people like this so much they're thinking about kidnapping me or bribing me to make me continue". Yeah, that thought did some pretty funny things to my ego. But I'm over that now, hehee =) (Well, you know, I'm actually still a bit curious about what I am going to be bribed with ;P) And I am so satisfied to learn that the twist at the end caught you like that because that was the exact reaction I was aiming for! So yaay!

Thank you for loving it!

It's okay that you didn't review the first chapter. But I can be a really demanding author sometimes because I tend to lose my self-esteem easily like a deflating balloon so I need the reviews and the ratings! So please keep them coming =)

I'll keep on writing. Thanks again!

< 3333