Review for You Remind Me Of A Former Love.

You Remind Me Of A Former Love.

(#) xoconverse 2008-07-22

Wow. Hahaha. I love how Elle is trying to make Ryan miserable for what he did. I have to say, he kind of deserves it. And the bra? bahahahhaa. that was great. And then wow a side of Elle Ive never seen before! I feel bad for her and Ryan,even though Ryan did a horrible thing to Helen.

And yeah Ryan, you love Helen! Go get her!

Great job, as always! :]

Author's response

Ah, yes. The things that Elle made Ryan do was funny for me as well. It's always fun when I write Elle's character. And it was inevitable for her to do something to Ryan for breaking her best friend's heart. :]

The bra thing? Oh yes. This was one of my favorite parts of this chapter as well. How embarrassing that must be. Poor Elle. XD

And yes, I'm glad that I got to show another side of Elle. She's usually sarcastic and tough. It was good to show readers that she can be a little sensitive as well. :]

Thank you for the review. :]