Review for Gerard Way's Diary

Gerard Way's Diary

(#) ThreeCheersForMCR_x 2008-07-29

I love you.I love you.I love you.I love you.I love you.


Dude,this chapter was insane. In a good way. It was insanely good! There yah go. :)

The long-ness of it was just enough for me to be your bitch for life (BFL) and the content of it was all the previous comments i've said before wrapped into this chapter. It was so damn hilarious,seriously. Especially the old woman. OMGZ I was laughing so hard at the rebel grandma, you have no idea! I could so see my grandma doing that shit.

Erm,i'm not really a fussy person so I won't make any insane queries for what i'd like to happen. Just one though. Is it possible for Gerard,Frank,Bert,Quinn and Mikey to have an orgy? Preferably smothered in chocolate sauce? And high on pot and caffeine? No? Yes? That's all i want. :)

Aside from that, carry on with whatever you want to happen. And of course what everyone else wants. ;D

-Emily xox.

Author's response

BA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Bitch for life??? ... I - I'm honoured ... I've never had one of those before.

Now, I'm writing back to your review so soon because I was sitting here with my coffee all set to read your very serious imput and seeming as though you are such a great person I was going to grant your request.

Then I read it and laughed so hard that my parents are now thouroughly convinced I'm insane. So, I'm off to the asylum tomorrow, but I've got a jacket that's just my size, so no worries.

ANYWAY! The reason I wrote back to this now ... I think I can just let you have your wish. It's done and done. You'll have to wait until the August chapter though - just to keep you waiting. MUHAHAHAHA!

Good idea. Frank and Gerard covered in cookies for you ... you can eat them off them ... mmmm cookies.