Review for You Remind Me Of A Former Love.

You Remind Me Of A Former Love.

(#) xoconverse 2008-07-29

Oh my god. Amazing. That was just amazing.

I love how Ryan saved Helen just like Helen did for Ryan.

This is my favorite story. I loved it so much. You did an absolutley fantastic job. And how Ryan just put his hand out and Helen took it, made me cry.

You did an amazing job, thank you for writing this :]

Author's response

I'm super glad you enjoyed the ending.
To be honest, for the past few days I've been thinking that this last chapter sucks [despite what my friends say]

ACK! I need more confidence. =/

You, are amazing and I am so happy that I have you as a reviewer. Everytime I saw your name under the new review emails, I get super excited because your reviews are so uber sweet. :]

Thank you for reading and reviewing! :]