Review for You Remind Me Of A Former Love.

You Remind Me Of A Former Love.

(#) iluvsmiliez 2008-07-29

I lovedddd it! :]

This made my day...I mean night! ;]]

I loved the ending....I agree with Infinite-oddity..."This is the end of that story, and the beginning of a new one."

I was in total AWE! :]]


Author's response

Eh, everyone says they liked the ending, but I'm kind of still unsure about it.

I keep on thinking that I could've done better, that readers will be disappointed with the ending, that it isn't as good as they [or me] hoped it would be. I don't know. Maybe this is just my insecurites talking. Nonetheless, I'm still a little discontent with how I ended things.


Better luck next time, I guess.

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the story and chapter. It makes me really happy to hear that. Than k you for the review. :]