Review for The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know

(#) XxlovefrankieroxX 2008-07-31

"Oh fuck... I'm dead!" I'm sorry, that made me laugh. It just seemed like a calm way of expressing it XD
Who the hell? What the hell? Where the hell!!? Noooo!! Mikey cant be dead! He cant go with this catherine lady! I will run and beat her with a stick!!
"She's already dead stupid"
"Oh dammit."
Update soon!!!

Author's response

I thought about how I'd feel if it happened to me and I figured I'd be so stunned, that's about all I could manage to say. But of course it sounds so ridiculous! :D So don't worry, it's actually supposed to make you laugh really, as is Mikey's indignance at Gerard's comments. But he's so shocked he hasn't even registered how upset they are.

I'm writing the next chapter now and will hopefully get that posted tonight or tomorrow (this is actually the one I need research for - it was going to be part of chapter 9, but it was getting long and I like them all about the same length if possible)

But, I'm delighted that you're all enjoying it - that's the main thing! :D

Sas x