Review for Auditions Anyone!!!

Auditions Anyone!!!

(#) MissMailleMelancholy 2008-07-31

name: Maille, sounds like Molly

age/height/weight: whatever you need it to be, luv

well im black irish so i have pale skin, dark brown hair and green eyes. i also got two strips of green in my hair to match my eyes. i wear whatever i feell like. i love to steal my guy friends clothes! and there something about the lolita fashion that fascinates me! im in a band called The Monocles with my little sister( her name is brehon [irish for justice]) and our "brother" (he's my bestiest friend, i refer to him as twin and vice versa but his names steve or as i call him stevie q.)i play tenor banjo, guitar, keyboard, and harmonica. im from the ghetto of all ghettos, south west philly! if you ever go into philly and see nirvana or any other bands like my chem spraypainted on the wall that was me! my hero is jeff mangum from neutral milk hotel and ive loved him since i saw NMH preform one of their last shows when i was 4 or 5. im a heaping serving of randomness. if im sad youll never know! im known to be blunt sometimes. if youre a bitch ill tell you. i live off of ramen! if you need any more info email me at

im looking forward to your story even if i dont get picked!you can do whatever to me too, ive always wanted to be trampled to death by fangirls!

sincerely yours,
Maille Kay

Author's response

Hey! thanx 4 responding!
hmmm i like the sound of this, and if you get it then i might jus be able to fit in the trampled by Fan girls bit (but not to death lol)

Kelly xxx