Review for Auditions Anyone!!!

Auditions Anyone!!!

(#) alice93 2008-07-31

Hi. I loved I'll always love her so I'll audition for your story.

Well my name is Alice, I'm 5"4 and weigh about a hundred and ten pounds. I have dark green eyes and deadly pale skin. My natural hair colour is a light/medium brown colour but I hated it so I dyed my hair blonde. My hair is really layered and goes down to just above my shoulders and I have layered side bangs which sometimes can be gelled into full fron bangs.
I wear black most of the time, occasionally wearing real bright colors to stop people calling me "emo"-even though I don' look emo at all. I dress kind of punk meets skater girl.

I'm a really nice and loyal person but if someone hurts me or someone I care about, I'm known to get a bit mean.
I'm really good in long term relationships-I don't bother my boyfriend and I'm not one of those fussy girlfriends.
I am a social smoker and drinker.
I love my friends, partying and shopping.

I'm into a lot of punk music and also hip-hop but rock is my favourite genre.

I hope you pick me. Your first chapter was awesome.
I'll hope to hear something soon?


Author's response

Thank you

Hmmm I like that you don't stay with one genre like most people do, and yeh i get that alot wen people say im emo, wen i don't even luk emo, i also like that you stick up for people you care bout,

hmmm interesting

kelly xxx