Review for Auditions Anyone!!!

Auditions Anyone!!!

(#) dtng101 2008-07-31

Okay I don't care what part I get or even if I get in it,I'll still review.Okay so yeah you guessed it I would love to be in your story~D.Okay just to tell you something about myself,but you could do what ever you want to my personalitiy.But here are somethings that you might want to know or not it's really up to you.I'am shy when I first meet people,fist day tops.But then I'am outgoing and hyper as hell lol.Ususally my friends say that I have a really weird laugh like a drunk,or a person on crack lol.I spend most of my time writing songs that come up in my mind with my friends.Or I like to paint or draw to get things off my mind.I also like to sing,and I'am learnig how to play the bass.i'am down to earth,but usually when people get me pissed off,I'am mad you know but I won't take it out on people.
i don't like to hold grudges,and I also hate people who give labels to to others,because it's like dude who cares it counts what's in the inside.
-My name is Karina,usually people call me by my middle name Andrea.
Age-whatever age your looking for
looks-I have black wavy hair that goes up to my shoulders.I have hazel eyes and I'am 5'5 in height.I'am average in weight,and I wear ususally black clothes that's the color I own the most lol.
-Oh I'am half italian and half colombian
-So I guess that's it if you have anymore questions you could write to me here and I'll get back to you A.S.A.P.~D.Either way if I don't get a part I'LL continue to read your story~D.

Author's response

haha i love the laugh part, person on crack lol, anyway... hmmm you sound good for Gerard or maybe Mikey, ill keep you in mind

Kelly xxx