Review for Auditions Anyone!!!

Auditions Anyone!!!

(#) SaaRawr 2008-07-31

hey :)
i read you're story "I'll Always Love Her" and i thought it was awesome. i hoped it wasn't just gonna be a oneshot, then i found this.
i would really love to be in the story, but if not thats okay, it was worth a try :)

anyway, my name is sarah, im 15 but you could change that if you needed to, and i am half english half canadian. i weigh 7stone and im about 5'8. i have long, curly black hair and blue eyes. i wear thick rimmed black + red glasses, and i always wear four black bracelets around my right wrist. i usually wear skinny fit jeans and any sort of band t-shirt, or just two different coloured t-shirts together. oh, and i always wear odd socks! I have my left ear stretched to 6mm and both of my ears are pierced twice.
i love art and i play the guitar. i can speak italian and french (and english obviously =D) im a very creative person and i can be hyper and insane sometimes. i am a good listener and i am good at helping people out. i dont let people down and i dont lie often. + basically, thats it :)

i dont really know what else to say, so i think i'll leave it at that.

Author's response

Hey! thanx is was supposed to be a one shot but someone reviewed and gave me the idea to make it longer.
Haha odd socks i like that, and you speak different languages that could be good!

au revoir!!!

Kelly xxx