Review for Auditions Anyone!!!

Auditions Anyone!!!

(#) TheChemicalRose 2008-07-31


name : addie, full name is addison

age: whatever you need,real age is 13

looks: im brownish/ blonde , my hair is shoulder lenght and i have long bangs, i have eyes that change color from blue, green and to grey depends on my a bit tall. im not anorexic skinny but a healthy weight.

personality: shy , sweet , sarcastic, funny, quiet, understanding, dark, happy, and very easy going.i can sing a bit.i play the cello.

stlye: black and white converse, im a jacket slut,usually skinny jeans and tank tops or t shirts.i wear different colored eyeliner and idc what ppl think about it.

thanks for your time , i hope you pick me,btw i luv ur story


Author's response

i love ur name, and u play the cello...hmmmm... very different!

Thanx 4 responding

Kelly xxx