Review for Seventh Son

Seventh Son

(#) Clerith 2008-07-31

PLOTHOLE: -aside from the fact that you have a way to measure magic power and that HP married Granger-

Over 100 Potters in Hogwarts currently?!

Magically powerful Granger?!

Eh, it was slightly awkward, with super!protagonist off the bat already. And no, super!nemesis just doesn't cut it -.-

We all want the main char to go evil! Dark Lord Potter

Author's response

Before I even start the story I state that it is a sequel to Innocence Faded.

as for the power scale, I envisioned it with average being in the mid seventies, and 80 being slightly above average for a fully mature witch or wizard.

As for the superpowered protagonist, He's not particularly smart, and his nemesis (perhaps nemeses, I haven't decided on that yet) will be much more intelligent and cunning, an almost as powerful.

Though I think you were just being nice when you called it just 'slightly awkward.'

If you are a fan of Ginny, you may want to turn back now, as at best she won't even be involved.