Review for Auditions Anyone!!!

Auditions Anyone!!!

(#) sweetrevenge 2008-07-31

I'm Hollie, or Holz. ^-^

I'm 15, but you can change that if you want. I've got short-ish blonde hair but I love to put different colours in it, such as blue and pink. I have blue eyes, I'm about 7 stone, and I'm 5 ft 3. People tend to say I'm small, I don't get why.

I'm english but I have a thing for Japan; I love their music, culture and style, so thats why my dress sense could be considered somewhat different.
Not forgetting my love for band tee's.


I'm shy around people I've just met, But VERY loud around friends and family.
I can be extremely sarcastic! I actually like that about myself, cuz it piss' people off. I'm nice to people I like, and I can be a complete bitch with people I don't like. Simple as.

Oh, I'm learning spanish + I love photography, ART and drama.

Sorry for babbling on.
Love your story.

Author's response

yeh i love everything Japanese!
OMG i think you've jus given me an idea for a new character... IDEAS, IDEA,IDEAS!!! WOOP! LOOKS FOR A PEN AND PAPER

Thank You!

Kelly xxx