Review for One Man Army

One Man Army

(#) BloodyTalons 2008-07-31

Good read. Please continue.
I think you should leave Harry where he is. After all, he commands an army of clones numbering in the thousands and they all seem to have his abilities with the Force. This would suggest that he and his army are probably of significant numbers that they rival the size of the Jedis. You also have the fact that Harry if not more are being trained by the holocron of a Jedi Master (or is he a Sith?). Either way, the Jedi should probably send teachers to Harry and train his entire army. The danger isn't just whether or not Harry will turn to the Dark Side. The danger is whether or not Harry or any of his clones will turn Dark.

Author's response

Well the general fear is whether or not Harry is going to turn dark or not. The clones are just an attachment to him. Even if any of the clones turn dark, they still cannot turn against Harry or anyone else without orders. They are designed this way to ensure that the clones are independent, but not enough to turn against their own commanders.