Review for Seven Ways To Sunday

Seven Ways To Sunday

(#) blitzy 2008-08-01

WTF?!?!!? SHE'S PETE'S HOOKER! WHAT A DREAM! even though being frank's hooker would be wayyyyyyy better.

also, i have to say this, as a writer to a writer. ive been holding this a long time and i cant hold it any longer and i dont know any other way to say it. i love your stories, but your updates are entirely too short. too short to be considered chapters. you really should work on making them longer, or not breaking them up so much needlessly. is it that you're trying to make the story longer? there is a difference between maintaining suspense and causing frustrating, and really short chapters generally cause the latter. why do you break scenes where you do? just curious.

Author's response

when i was writing it it was for the suspence. now that its finished i'm just posting the chapters as they are instead of renumbering them. But yeah i understand what u mean though.