Review for The Loss.

The Loss.

(#) stupid-little-lamb 2008-08-02

fuck, this made me cry like, so bad.
oh, poor baby..
i know what mikey felt.
i've felt like that for a long time now.. oh, i wanna hug him so bad right now, tell him not to kill himself, and make it all better.

god, you write like, really, really well. i mean, god, i wish i could write as good as you. you're like, WOW.

fuck, is it okay to save it on my computer? under your name of course.
i just want to show my friends, coz i think they might like it.

anyways, fantasticly orgasmic story. i mean, wow. it's just- wow.


Author's response

Wow, thank you so much!
Sure, save it. I do that all the time :D
You should download the song, it's really sad.
It makes you think twice about suicide and stuff.
Anyway, thank you very much.