Review for Harry's New Pets

Harry's New Pets

(#) jump_jives 2008-08-02

Another fun chapter. Like many ideas derived from Rors, it is a little kooky, and the characters are OOC, but that is where the humor is derived from. I look forward to more of this story. Like anyone who is enjoying a story, I could ask for longer chapters, but realistically, if you are going to maintain an every couple days update schedule, I can't complain to much.

Thanks for sharing.

Author's response

Thank you!

Aye, "kooky" is pretty much part of the feel I'm trying for, here.

Sorry about the short chapters--I took a bit more exception to some speculation than I perhaps should have done, and posted the first half of what should have been one chapter early in order to head it off.

Next one I hope to get up maybe tommorrow, and to have more around the 4-5K words mark.