Review for Vicious Cycles Make You Laugh

Vicious Cycles Make You Laugh

(#) Lyanvis 2008-08-05

Is she the only reviewer for this story? really?... wow. I've read this before, and I thought I reviewed... guess not.

I totally loved this story. Not very mind-fuckish? It's a better mind-fuck than I could manage, that's for sure. This story is all LSD trip on steroids.

All tools break eventually, and the higher-ups prefer it to be later rather than sooner. The month-year-decade it takes a ninja to soak in the blood of his own fresh, personal tragedy (of course every tragedy is tragic. Even if it's commonplace - because it isn't common knowledge. Iruka does his work so well, and every shinobi with a soul-not-soul falls into the same crude trap. i want them to have innocence. for as long as is possible. HAPPINESS LIKE I BARELY REMEMBER) gives them time. Gives them use and dead targets and money.

And then Not-Sasuke shows up and so works him over like the broken strand of spider silk [already stretched too far, but who notices or cares, not us, not them not anyone because he's still doing his job, right? he's still working and training and cultivating the next batch of innocents to the slaughter/ for the beaurocrats that like their mony and don't care how they get it]] that he is and lets him know just how fucked over he really is. I couldn't figure out whether this was sickness in Iruka's mind or if Sasuke [/Not-Sasuke was really there and just decided to let him live- don't tell me, that's part of the fun- as unlikely as that is. Anyway, I came by to offer a review and to let you know- hey, I have another chapter up, even though it's late cringes don't be mad!