Review for You Remind Me Of A Former Love.

You Remind Me Of A Former Love.

(#) Life_is_42 2008-08-05

Oh my god....OH my god...........OH my GOD.

first.....Grabs tissue box i had tears in my eyes for this last half of the chapter!!!!!

OH MY GOD. i'm incoherent!!!
he finally told her!
Brendon really IS the scummiest SCUM of the earth! Elle deserves SO much better!!!!

I can't get over how Brendon just walks in...and he....and ryan...and elle. its just so incomprehensible to me that he can be such a jerk.

I LOVED this chapter though. Once again, you demonstrate your beautiful grasp of language, and created a moving/touching piece.

I think my heart broke a little for both Helen AND Ryan runs around with super glue
if only it were as easy as super glue to fix....

I also really appreciated how you included touches of light humor (Elle and Nicole bickering, unicorns...that made me laugh XD)

well i'm off to read the next chapter! fortunately i don't have to hang here in suspense!!


Author's response


Yes, he told her. And I agree, Brendon is the scummiest scum of the earth. Elle deserves better. :]

And I'm glad I'm wasn't the only one who's heart had broke for Ryan AND Helen. It was just so sad. :[

Ahh yes, I had to have some humor in this. I didn't want to make the whole chapter so depressing. :]
[But, I agree, the unicorn thing was one of my favorite parts as well.]

Thank you for the review!