Review for You Remind Me Of A Former Love.

You Remind Me Of A Former Love.

(#) Life_is_42 2008-08-05

i hope this doesn't come off as mean or insensitive towards Elle's position...but it was REALLY nice to see her vulnerable side!! I think Ryan NEEDS Elle's support/alliance before he can set about getting Helen back. which leads me to my next point:

HE FINALLY ADMITTED IT PROPERLY! throws confetti omg FINALLY he realizes he loves HER. Omg. what a dumbass though! (No offense Ry, but it took you long enough XD)

i love this because its sort of....bittersweet humor XD hehe. it was light hearted ENOUGH to break up the sadness of Ry's situation.

Author's response

No, no. Not insensitive at all. I wanted to show the vulnerable side to Elle. I mean, she just isn't ALL 'tough-sarcastic-coffee-addict' all the time. I wanted to portray that she had feelings as well. :]

Ah, yes. Ryan is quite the dumb ass. It took him awhile to admit it, but he does in fact love Helen. YAY!

Thank you for the review!