Review for The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know

(#) never0kay 2008-08-07


Simply beautiful...

You should publish this...You told the story with such passionate detail. And I can really imagine the guys saying and doing what they're supposed to do. It's not Out Of Character. It's pretty great.

I love the ending...

Please carry on with more works..

Author's response

Oh wow!! Thank you so much!! I'm speechless! (or should that be 'typeless'?)

Anyway I'm over the moon that you enjoyed it it combined two of my interests - MCR and the Titanic. Maybe I should do another with one of my other interests? That could be a challenge! :D

Anyway, I've just posted up a quick oneshot called Dream Job, if you're passing, why not have a read - only take a minute

If by any chance you fancied reading an original piece, I have one in that section called Ornamental Nightmare.

Thanks to everyone who read, reviewed and or rated! You made it special for me :)