Review for Harry's New Pets

Harry's New Pets

(#) jump_jives 2008-08-07

This was an excellent, fun read. I really appreciate the way you are developing the characters and story. I look forward to seeing how Gerard and Dan reach some sort of understanding. Dan's mistrust of wizarding society is very different than what I have generally seen in fanon, but certainly reflects the way many would see an underground society.

The one thing I would say seems missing is that Hermione doesn't seem to have the natural level of curiosity I would have expected. While she did ask some questions, I would have expected her to ask about how he Gerard found them, and how the monocle worked and what did it show and other questions along those lines.

Aside from Hermione's natural curiosity being a little less pronounced than I would expect I think you have painted a fairly nice picture of what they would be like at this age and given the situation.

Also it seems you borrowed a little bit of Gerard Delacour's background/character from another one of Ror's odd ideas, "The French Connections." I think it works well in this situation and certainly helps explain how he tracked them down so easily.

Author's response

Thank you very much!

I suppose I just started thinking about how a father would react to Hermione's situation, and it seemed to make sense. In a way, I'm surprised that the canon!Grangers were so calm--were they not told about things like the petrification Second Year?

Hermione's curiosity is a good point. I might should've let her have a few more questions. She may've been worried about keeping Fleur, or being kept, as the case may be.

I hadn't thought about "The French Connections," but there is a bit of influence from that, to be sure. M. Delacour as a fighter or intelligence agent has I think popped up in a number of places in fandom--at least one of Jeconais' Harry/Gabrielle fics included a bit about Harry and M. Delacour having worked together in the fight against Voldemort.

Thanks again!