Review for Alive and Loved

Alive and Loved

(#) gekiranger 2008-08-08

I loved this story. The way it was so simply written was good and worked, because in a way it felt like it was Seishirou's point of view and though there were hints of emotions, they weren't expressed like a normal person would.

I liked the ending, though I felt that Seishirou's dialogue was a little forced. That was probably the one bit of the fic I feel could have been better, perhaps a little more enigmatic and less plain (as it seems like something Subaru would say, rather than Seishirou). Other than that, it was fantastic ^^

Author's response

First, thank you for taking the time to review^_^

Seishirou's dialogue didn't satisfy me either but in this instance he wanted to push Subaru and later he was lying alone and talking to himself. I figure people are more honest when they know they can't be heard.