Review for The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know

(#) MyFamousLastWords 2008-08-08

Yeah,Such An Amazing Story.

It Would Be Pretty Awesome If This Got Published! I'd Buy It.

Its Cool Because Not Many People Do Things Like Titanic And MCR,You Wouldn't Really Think Of It.

Your Such An Amazsome Author!(Amazsome Its Just A Word I Made Up XD Ima Loser) Lol.

Keep On Writing!

ML,Fin Ox.

Author's response

Thanks! That really means a lot to me! :D
Not sure about the publication thing though - as flattered as I am, I think I'd quickly go from being flattered to flattened by the weight of their lawyers!

Amazsome - now I really am blushing! I like the word though - if it isn't already, it should be a word! lol!

I'm a little out of ideas at the moment, which is worrying me. Will have to have a few words with the Inspiration Fairy! :D

Thanks again!

Sas x

Update on a new story - an idea has occurred, you may well see Chapter 1 v soon!

Love ya all loads!!

Sas x