Review for Subject: Don't delete this plz

Subject: Don't delete this plz

(#) stupid-little-lamb 2008-08-09

gah! what happened to Frankie!!?!
if you killed him, i'll- i'll... bite you with my nose!!! RAWR!!!

aw, i nearly cried when i seen the end. i seriously yelled "NOOO!!" and got in trouble coz mum was asleep. hehe.

i wish you would continue it, but it's your story, and you choice.
it would not be a bore though, honest. it'd be like, awesome.
but the way you ended it was cool too, in that frustrating "OHMYGOD" kind of way.

oh well.


Author's response

Aw...thank you. So-fucking-much. You've made me truly happy.