Review for Searching for Disaster

Searching for Disaster

(#) pyrodaemon_87 2008-08-09

Absolutely wonderful. I can't wait to see the bad press Hogwarts gets for this. Can you imagine? Dragon lose in Hogwarts! Two students caught in crossfire!

I wonder if Harry's actually going to get Snape fired. It would be completely ironic if it did happen. Harry doesn't give a damn what happens to Hogwarts so he's not afraid to tell the Johns what's going on and ends up cleaning up Hogwart's messes and makes it a better place because he was trying to cause as much havoc as possible.

Watch the hole drops directly into the Stone Trials. That would be funny. No wait, right into the room that housed the Troll. That would be brill.

Can't wait for the next chapter. - pyrodaemon