Review for You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

(#) xXemoxninjaXx 2008-08-10

lol that is a nut shell =D

i almost pee'd my pants laughing at "You hear one of their songs on the radio and nearly have a siezure." and then i remembered the time i almost gave this lady a heart attack in the supermarket cuz im not okay came on the radio =D

them were the days when those weird "wannabes" were NOT around. like dude i hate people that are like "MCR ARE EMO...but i love gerard and their song about a black parade!" LIKE FUCK!

sorry im ranting!



Author's response

haha its alright :)
thats like me and my friend emily. we were on a boat and teenagers came on the radio. we started freaking out and my dad thought he like ran over a duck or something XD