Review for Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

(#) daled73 2008-08-10

I like the story generally, but don't think that reviewer Wesley has as may good objections as HE thinks he does.

First off, Harry is still Harry, even though he has changed to an AU world, and he was never agressive in pursuing the girls before the change, so why would he change now. If Wesley just wants some Harry "smut" he should join "The Restricted Section" or other sites that cater to those areas.

Also you have him interacting with others about the same way he did in his home Universe, a la JKR. That too is good. Harry isn't OOC, just because everything is different here, Luna and Harry excepted.

Wesley's objections have more to do with how HE wants Harry to be than with how Harry WOULD BE in a different setting...i.e. "Still Harry". You do not need to change your style to satisfy one can never please everybody, and even JKR doesn't, witness the AU Fan fics that develop Harry totally differently from canon. You didn't start that way, please stay consistent within this story. If you decide to you can do a "Different Harry" story later and explore where you could take him, but changing direction within a story in progress should remain a "no-no".