Review for Getting a Clue

Getting a Clue

(#) Anonymus31 2008-08-15

It was interesting. you've got an excellent mind for humor, you might want to add that to the genre's list.

There were a few spelling and grammar issues, but not enough to make it unreadable.

So is this just a oneshot, or will there be more chapters forthcoming? Either way it was enjoyable

Author's response

this one was a oneshot
the idea was to work out some kinks in my writing style as i work on 3 other pieces.

one of the other pieces im working on is posted here and is yet another exercise in a different writing style
the other two are not posted yet and are both being planned out in my normal style one is a HP fic and the other is original

the spelling is likely all screwed up because in neither American or British but spent equal parts of my younger years in Australia, the USA and the UK add to that a nasty case of Dyslexia and you get a really screwed up spelling ethos and vocab not to mention a SOH that is far to bizarre for words

anywho thanks for the comment