Review for The Legitimate Businessmen

The Legitimate Businessmen

(#) drifter 2008-08-19

I truly must compliment you on you choice of insurance companies!

There are so many out there that have different attitudes about spending, or is it saving, money. I had a major accident and my companies choice covered the medical, rehabilitation, and home alterations (now handicapped) without complaint. Than did something that I am told is really unusual, did not demand reimbursement when the other guys insurance, that they helped sue, paid off. Oh if your interested, John Hancock.

Truly, you made a very good choice.

(rubbing eyebrow and pondering) Wait, he checked the choice on the form the GOBLINS provided ..... figures. Wonder if they have a group plan I could join?

Anyway, thank you for very fun story.

May the MUSES always be with you!!!