Review for Epilogue Minus 15

Epilogue Minus 15

(#) theform 2008-08-19

you've turned in another wonderful effort, as usual. i will say that the last scene seemed kind of thrown in there and didn't really connect well with the rest of the story. i'm not saying that the scene, didn't belong there, but i feel that it wasn't up to your usual standards. on a different note, why does harry keep putting himself in situations where he gets derided by his superiors? that he would allow dawlish to give him a dress down seems incomprehensible. he destroyed voldemort without the ministry so why would he join the ministry? simply because shacklebolt is in charge? seems flimsy to me. other than that, i really enjoyed what you've done filling the gap. you've honestly rescued the ending of book seven for me. and for that, i'm grateful. not that this a regular story, but are you going to keep filling in the space between the end and epilogue?