Review for The Odd Pair

The Odd Pair

(#) XxCRYSTALLINExX 2008-08-19

update more often? It's been two months dude! Pleeease don't give up, or I, too, will have to murder you with a teddybear.

Author's response

Man, you don't know how sorry I am!
I just haven't really been that...motivated, i guess. Yeah that's the word.
I mean, I love writing this story but I didn't really get a lot of reviews on the last chapter and it kinda made me think it was bad. Sorta.
Not that I don't appreciate the 3 reviews I got, 'cause I do. Honest. But I just didn't feel motivated enough to write more.
But seeing as you and Cryssie sent me a review that shows you even care about this dammned story, then i'll start writing more.

Seriously, thanks it's really given me a push to continue.