Review for Was It a Dream?

Was It a Dream?

(#) crystalcrash 2008-08-19

+1 moving

Sorry for the late review and rating, but, you know, i've been away.

I can't leave you a nice huge review with all the little details i love like i usually do, because i have a lot of reading and writing to catch up on! And besides... i'm dying to read the next chapter! haha So i'll just say that it was a great chapter, and that the puppy love hug was adorable. Damn it, i'm rambling on again.

I'm off to read the next chapter! Great job! ;)

Author's response

Ooo, pretty pretty rating, thankieesss!

I know you've been away and that's okay but I can't honestly say that I didn't miss you =)

Hahha, I like it that you couldn't keep yourself from rambling, hehhe xD The puppy pile < 333

Thankieees again.

< 33333333