Review for The Odd Pair

The Odd Pair

(#) IeroMyHero 2008-08-20

Yeah, I hope you don't think I'm nagging. But I guess that's what this should be called. When are you updating? There's like...hardly any good stories on ficwad anymore. It's like the MCR section is being flooded by teenies or just plain horrible writers. Or, I'm just missing this story. So...write more of it. Just ASAP, of course. I need it. Cause this story is awesome. UPDATE WOMAN!

And yes, I know I'm being a hypocrite.

Love ya,

Author's response

Haha, your nagging speech made me laugh. ;D
Well, as you may have gathered from my response to Crystalline, i'm going to try and continue. Starting now.
But also apart from not being that motivated, I've also been kinda busy. Seriously, I haven't had time to myself and a computer for a month. Or something like that.
And also i've been working on another story which I'm sending out today or tommorow. You could check it out if you want...or not, if you'd prefer.
Also, I cracked up when I read your complaint about teenies and bad writers flooding the site. xD Yeah there's a few i'll admit, but I can't really talk.
Anyways, thank you so effing much for taking your time and telling me to hurry my ass up and continue. Maybe you should do the same with your Quert story? Hypocrite. =P